All materials used in the manufacture of the vehicles- from the interior to the exterior - are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to ensure quality, durability and value for money.

The canvas and upholstery work is performed by professionals in the industry, thus ensuring that the finished product is of unsurpassed excellence.

The Cab is made of GRP Material, with a galvanized sub frame on rubber mounting. A high gloss durable 2K spray paint gives an ideal finish to the cab and loading bin.

The loading bin is made of steel on a specially articulated system to allow the chassis a full flexing ability.

Extensive chassis and engine preparation is performed during the refurbishing process, and Mercedes Benz or 352 ADE engines are standard.

All of the vehicle's spares and parts are easily accessible, should they require repair. Because of the vehicles military background and application on a world wide scale, the service and spares are backed by most Mercedes Benz dealers. All materials and fittings added to the standard Unimog rolling stock are new.