The monocoque structure, right hand steering and drop sliding door windows will excel all it’s predecessors, as far as driving comfort, noise, heat and rattles are concerned.
It is currently available in single, super and double cab configurations, with various loading bin options.


Unimog Single Cab - Soft Top
The Unimog Single Cab can be ordered with half door and roll up canvas / plastic zipped windows. Very popular for farm and close proximity work where long distance hauling is not required.

Unimog Single Cab - Hard Top
The Unimog Single Cab with Hard Top can be supplied with full doors, sliding windows or hard top with half doors. More ideal for vehicles operating in adverse weather conditions.

Unimog King Cab - Soft Top
Light and flexible with club seating in the back,The Unimog King Cab Soft Top, is big enough to accommodate 4 adults or ideally 2 adults plus 2 children.

Unimog King Cab - Hard Top
The ultimate in comfort, full doors with sliding windows and club seating with a climb through window hatch into the rear canopy with roll up Mosquito gauze windows. How much fun do you want to have?!

Unimog Single Cab Camper
The Unimog Single Camper is based on a flatbed with a removable Camper Body. Note that the camper body is removable to be replaced with frame and drop sides so that the truck can be utilized for other duties out of the holiday period.

Unimog Game Viewer
Unimogs are in high demand for Game Viewing vehicles with seating capacity for up to14 adults or 20 Juveniles. Very popular in scrub bush veld where viewing over bush makes is so much easier.
Both the frame seating and the roof are removeable, allowing the vehicle to be used for other purposes when not in use as a game viewing vehicle.

Camper with a difference
The Unimog can be converted to be utilized as a camper with a difference (Where normal 4 X 4 vehicles would not survive.)
Expect to pay a little more according to your specific specifications and requirements.This specific Unimog was used extensively to work in Central Africa on projects where normal off road vehicles would have failed to travel.