How much does a Unimog Cost?

Prices are dependent on the specification and customer requirements. For us to quote, please supply the Unimog model and specifications you are interested in or please use the contact us form.


What is the maximum speed a Unimog can attain?

A 416 Unimog (X Buffel) has a governed engine speed of 2,800 RPM which equates to 96 kilometres per hour on 12,5 x 20 Tyre.


Who buys Unimogs?

Unimogs are used by Farmers as heavy duty Farm Utility Vehicles, especially for Fire fighting purposes. Unimogs are popular for rural development Vehicles in Mozambique and Angola. In South Africa it is a popular outdoor leisure vehicle for fun and for off the road touring.

Unimogs are also popular Heavy Ski Boat towing vehicles capable of towning larger than normal Ski Boats.


Has the standard Unimog got air conditioning?

No, not yet, but we have development plans for air-conditioning on the table for the near future.


Can a Unimog tow a large boat?

Mercedes Benz 352 on ADE engines are standard but we have up graded some units to 366 and 366TD which improves the towing capability but not the top speed.


Is right hand steering available for the 416 Unimog?

We are busy with the development of a Proto Type. Watch this space for major improvements.


Why a GRP ( Glas reinforced polyester) cab?

For several reasons; it outlasts steel, because it is not affected by rust. It does not transfer engine heat, and noise. Normal conversation and a radio can actually be heard while travelling. In the 10 years of manufacturing these cabs, we have never had a structural failure.